Arena X

$ 8 per game
  • Ages 7 and older.

Arena X Junior

$ 5 per game
  • Ages 6 and under. 1 Adult free.


$ 2
  • Reusable! Save your wristband for future visits!

group pricing

Reservations are required 48 hours prior to the event date. Packages shown do not include food. Please speak with an Events Team member to add a food package to your group.

Call 864 558-7573 to book!

15-30 Players
  • First game: $8
  • $6.50 each additional game
31-49 Players
  • First game: $8
  • $6.25 each additional game
50-99 Players
  • First game: $8
  • $6.00 each additional game
100+ Players
  • First game: $8
  • $5.75 each additional game
















daily Deals

Monday &

$20 Unlimited Plays
Play all day


Double Play
Double the plays for the same price!

Thursday &

Play & Fly
FREE Flight Simulator Ride with each game

Friday &

Cosmic Play
$20 unlimited plays Fri & Sat 7-10pm

Mid-day Play

Wed & Thu
$15 Unlimited plays 1-3pm (only available when school’s in session)

coming soon!

Arena X Pass

$ 25/mo or $200/year ($100 savings)
  • 3 games/day Mon - Thur
  • 20% off Big Eats Cafe

Arena X Premium

$ 35/mo or $250/year ($170 savings)
  • 3 games/day anyday
  • 20% off Big Eats Cafe
  • Includes all Mid-Day Play sessions

Arena X elite

$ 50/mo or $300/year ($300 savings)
  • Unlimited games anyday
  • 20% Big Eats Cafe
  • Includes all Mid-Day Play sessions
  • 10% off your Arena X birthday party

Memberships may be purchased, activated, and canceled in store only.

About Arena X

Arena X by Big Air is an all-new competitive ninja tag concept from Big Air. It’s the first and only business in SC to offer this style of technology and gameplay. Arena X is a high energy, multiplayer indoor arena where players challenge their opponents to reach the highest score. In this timed experience, players search & scan glowing beacons located throughout the arena to collect as many points as possible by scanning their unique RFID wristband. The objective is to collect as many points as possible. Test your skill, fitness, and bravery as you speed through the Sea of Ropes, race your friends on the Quarter Pipe, and try and hit every target on the gravity-defying Spider Wall. With 15 minute games, 25 unique challenges, and 125+ beacons in our 2-story arena – who will YOU challenge?

Arena X is designed for ALL ages! Each ticket includes one 15 minute game. Wristbands are $2. They’re required to keep your score which is displayed on the leaderboard after you complete your game. Wristbands work for future visits so you can come back anytime to beat the highest score.

boy reaching through obstacle at indoor play arena
boy reaching for beacon at indoor play arena

Arena X Junior Is a separate gameplay arena designed specifically for ages 6 and under. There are many of the same obstacles and challenges as Arena X, but they are scaled down and less intense for the little competitors. There is a separate entrance and scoreboard for Arena X Junior. Tickets include one 15 minute game. If needed, a parent or guardian is welcome in the arena to lend a hand and they do not need to pay for admission. Junior wristbands are $2 and are reusable for all future visits.

We love to PARTY

Arena X Party

$ 275
  • 10 Players
  • 3 Games per Player
  • 40 Min in Reserved Party Area
  • Arena X Wristbands
  • 2 Large Pizzas
  • 2 Refillable Pitchers of Soda
  • Dedicated Party Host
  • Printed Invitations
  • Cups, Plates, Napkins
  • Setup & Cleanup

Complete your Arena X Waiver

In order to play at Arena X, you must first complete a waiver. Completing your waiver in advance online will speed up your check-in process. The waiver is valid for 1 year.

Arena X Challenges

girl playing in ballpit

Ball Pit

The coolest ball pit around! Reach the bottom and hit collect beacons at the same time.

boys sliding down obstacle wall

Quarter Pipe

Race up the wall to collect the beacons and slide back down. Can you collect them all?

adults crossing obstacle bridge

SKY Bridge

Don’t look down! Cross the bridge and collect the beacons.

boy tagging obstacle

Traverse Wall

A climbing wall like no other! Collect the beacons without falling or start the challenge all over!

kids climbing obstacle course

Cargo Climb

Using strength and speed, reach the top of the Cargo Climb, scanning all the beacons on your way up (or down)!

boy reaching for obstacle

Spider Wall

The floor is lava! Make it to the other side without touching the ground. Collect the beacons along the way!

woman jumping through obstacles

Ball Hop

Test your balance and bounce your way across the Ball Hop, collecting beacons as you go.

kids climbing through obstacle course

Sea of Ropes

Climb through the Sea of Ropes, get to the other side while you scan the beacons.

kids climbing through obstacles

Giant Ball Room

Battle your friends through the mega
see-through balls to reach the beacons.

boy climbing obstacle wall

angled cargo climb

Test your diagonal climbing skills across the cargo ropes! Can you reach the beacons?

girl climbing obstacle

vertical rope climb

It’s like a ladder – but way harder! Climb your way up to the top of the cargo rope ladder to reach the highest beacons!

woman crawling through obstacle tube

crawl tubes

Crawl and shimmy your way through the network of tubes and scan the beacons inside.